The Sweetmeats of Bengal will leave you Rich

West Bengal is popular for its rich culture. There is a distinct charm and spark of Bengal. Be it films or literature, cuisine or music; you can find extensiveness. Apart from Victoria Memorial and Tagore, Bongs do take immense pleasure and pride in their widespread selection of delicious sweets. Indeed, if you have ever been to this area of India; you can relate with this thing right away.

Indeed, be it different types of rasgullas like baked rasgulla, filled rasgulla or other sweets; the place is endowed with deliciousness. The interesting thing is that these sweets are not just popular in Bengal but in the entire country. People of all age groups, areas and types munch on these dishes with utmost delight! Even if you are not a sweet lover; Bengali sweets will leave you craving for more. Have a look at some of the delicious sweets of Bengal.

Lobongo Latika

This is a sweet for every occasion.  The sweet is made up of maida, nutmeg powder, khoya, coconut (grated), ghee, raisins, nuts, cardamom, sugar and cloves. All these ingredients are blend attractively to bring forth this blissful traditional sweetmeat. The outstanding feature of this dish is how the pastry is nicely folded and it is sealed with a clove.

Mohan Bhog

This is something favourite with lovers of conventional Bengali sweets. It is a semolina-based delicious sweet dish.  You can find this sweet in in diverse shapes and sizes. This is a sweet that can make your day in every occasion. You can find it in different events and auspicious moments.


These spongy-soft delicious round mishtis, drenched in sugar syrup, have turned out to be an icon of Bengali cuisine. There is no chance that you say no to these scrumptious Rasgullas. Once you have a single rasgulla in month; it is going to melt beautifully in y our mouth.

Malai Chom-Chom

Have you ever heard about this scrumptious dish? Come on, these delicious juicy sweets are prevalent widespread. A chum-chum is a wonderful golden brown hue with a rich heavy texture on it.  This sweet is prepared of chenna with slight pinch of Kasar. You can serve it any time and its taste gets even more enhanced once it is chilled. No celebration can be over in Bengal in the absence of this rich and delicious sweet.

Bhapa Doi

Talking about Bhapa Doi, it is prepared by mixing condensed milk and yogurt. This dish gets more discerning with the garnishing of pistachios and almonds.  You can enjoy it to the fullest once it is chilled straight out of refrigerator. This refreshing and uplifting sweetmeat is something that can make you feel alive instantly. The moment it enters the mouth; all dullness and boredom escapes.

So, these were some of the delectable sweetmeats of West Bengal. If you have a sweet tooth, you must munch on these. And yes, don’t forget, the variety is not yet over. The more you explore the sweet cuisine of Bengal, the deeper and wider it gets!


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